What You Need More Than Anything


I was invited to watch the business students at Algonquin College pitch their business ideas. It was a final project before they graduate. The set up was sort of like Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank where I get to pick apart their business models they create. They had creative ideas and I had a lots of fun.

The teacher had asked me to talk at the end for thirty minutes but the presentations were running late and I only had 10 minutes to talk. I had already planned what I wanted to say but I trashed it. I wanted to hit them at the core of the issue.

Instead I went with what I was feeling. I looked at the room and asked them to raise their hand if they are currently creating something. If they had started writing a blog, shooting videos or started to work on some type of business. Two people raised their hands out of around 40. My feeling was right.

I said something along the lines of:

“You guys have great ideas but you don’t believe in yourself. If there’s one thing you need more than ever in business it’s that. To not wait for a road map and start. You have to know that there’s always going to be obstacles in the way. You have to stop contemplating and start doing. With every step you take you’ll get stronger, more skilled and in the end more confident. But you have to start to gain that confidence, not the other way around. So start.”

All the students came up to me after saying how my message resonated with them. That’s what I love.

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