How to Conquer Worry


Since you’re reading this I’m going to assume that you have access to food, water and shelter. I say this because people are living with a lot of worry. People who worry tend to imagine and exaggerate how painful it is to lose something. A job, a house a relationship. That imagine that their whole world will burn in flames. Worry makes us lose sight of reality.

Worrying is just as bad as a poor diet. It will strip years off your life while not allowing you to enjoy the present moment. Psychologist Gabor Matte says addictions are a way to escape stress. Addictions being anything you can’t stop that takes from you instead of giving. This is where you see the workaholic that works his whole life in worry never taking time to enjoy the things that matter most.

Something I found to help conquer worry is to ask: What’s the most likely thing to happen if you lose?

I’m sure you will still have food, water and shelter. Maybe you end up finding a job. Maybe you rent a small place. Maybe you end up with more freedom. Feel at peace with the most likely scenario. Picture yourself having fun in that scenario. Be at piece with that vision and you’ll conquer worry.

When someone offends you, stop and think why that may be. Nothing outside of yourself should have the power to affect you unless you allow it to. And others have the right to a different opinion.

When other people offend you it’s often because you’re projecting your past onto the situation. People who are happy don’t judge others. So surround yourself with people who uplift you and make a decision right now to stop worrying and start living. The choice is yours.

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