Where did I go?


I had no wifi last week to write my blog post. I was in Cuba and it’s the first time I miss a day let alone a week in the last 2 years and I have to say I really missed it. I figured maybe it was a good thing to take a break but it wasn’t that way. Writing is something I enjoy. Instead it made me realize how important writing is not only to others (who were so kind to email me to see if I was OK) but to myself.

Writing a blog is a lonely thing, even the popular bloggers I know tell me that they often wonder if people actually care what they have to say. But there’s something about expressing yourself daily that makes you feel like you’ve left your mark in this world.

I’s ironic that I had no internet connection when the first day all I really wanted to write about was human connection or the lack of it. Walking around airports will do that to you. As I walked around the airport and then the resort I couldn’t help but notice that no one seems to look at each other in the eyes anymore. We’re lacking connection.

I can remember watching a documentary of Jane Goodall working with Chimpanzees and all the chimps would snuggle up to each other all day grooming and sleeping. Humans are wired for connection.

Everyone I passed seemed to be either on their phones or looking down at their feet – afraid someone might glance at them or maybe even smile. The internet has connected us more widely but at the expense of depth in our relationship. The internet created an invisible barrier where people can avoid taking a risk that a face to face interaction comes with. A risk that someone may not smile back or thing you’re a weirdo.

But every so often you catch someone that connects eyes and says hello and leaves you feeling better. Never underestimate the empowering effect of human connection. It’s really special.

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