Where’s Your Story?


I was at the farmers market Sunday to pick up a large bottle of Kombucha from Agape Gardens.

I noticed the logo on the bottle had changed so I asked the owner why she changed it. She told me a beautiful story about what the new logo meant to her. How Kombucha has been part of her Russian roots since she was a kid and how now she’s got her whole family involved making Kombucha to better people’s health.

When I look at the bottle on my table I keep thinking “where’s the story?”

If I wouldn’t have ran into the owner I would have never known her story.

Every company has a story to tell but most stay hidden in the mind of the founders.

No name brands can have the exact same ingredients as a known brand but people don’t trust them.

When you understand that stories, personality and a narrative is what sells you’ll want to make sure your story is there for customers to share.

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