Who Instead of What


For 13 years I was a personal trainer to some of the best business people in the country. Every 30 minutes I met with either a founder, executive or professional.

As a personal trainer I would get to connect with clients on a deeper level than most professions. I would see them in their underwear and pinch their fat rolls to measure their progress. It doesn’t get more personal than that. Some people saw me more than they saw their wife or husband. And many would tell me just about anything they had on their mind.

I got so close with them that many would invite me to their mansions, yachts or to special events that would typically be reserved for the ultra rich.

As an entrepreneur at heart I couldn’t help but want to know everything about their journey towards success.

One businessman in particular had started his company with $1000 at his wedding and built it into a billion dollar company (that’s his helicopter in the picture that he used to fly down to train with me).

I helped educate these business people about their health and they in turn they helped educate me about business.

The real secrets weren’t so much about what they knew about business but rather about how they viewed business. They didn’t think like other people.

One of the common views I started to notice amongst the ultra rich was that where most people tackle a problem by asking themselves “what should we do?” they asked themselves “Who do I need?”

By asking themselves “who” instead of “what” they where able to find the best people for the role instead of attempting to be the best at everything. They knew how to trust and let go. Not only that but this way of thinking allowed them to maintain the freedom of their time so they could focus on high level strategic work as oppose to getting bogged down in the tactics. It allowed them to stay in a position where they can continuously push for growth of their company.

This is one of many lessons I learn’t from these people over the years. But it’s one of the most important ones.

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