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Why Cortisol and Stress are Killing You

He has a belly even though he eats very little. His blood pressure is high and he keeps getting heart burn. His hair is thinning. He has trouble going to bed and his energy isn’t the same as what it used to be. He may be on the brink of a heart attack but he doesn’t know it.

He tries eating less but his belly doesn’t budge. He tries a spin class – he gets fatter. Something is wrong.

Deep down, he may know the cause but he doesn’t want to face it. Like a drug addict he’s addicted to it. He thrives on it. Or maybe he’s just stuck. That drug is an internal one called cortisol and the issue is stress.

Every day I deal with people like this.

Businessmen, lawyers, executives or just about anyone with a strong work ethic and/or a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. The strategy for these people is completely different. It revolves around lifestyle.

  • Giving up coffee
  • Re-balancing their circadian rhythm
  • Eating a nutrient rich diet
  • Resistance training
  • Mindfullness
  • Recovery techniques
  • Work flow changes

These are all things I’ll teach you guys in future tips. Stay tuned.

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