Why Good Employees Leave


Two weeks ago I was having lunch with Daniel Weinand, one of the founders of Shopify. Though Daniel has always told me how great their work culture was. Seeing it in action was something else. I walked into a place filled with hundreds of energetic people completely engaged in conversation. We walked through a full buffet where chefs prepared food for everyone. Want a beer or something else to drink? Just grab one, it’s all free.

But beyond the perks lies something bigger.
How comfortable everyone is around Daniel as a leader.
You could sense the respect they have for him and I can tell it’s a ripple effect from the top down.

The research is clear that people don’t leave companies, they leave managers.
One study showed that 50% of employees leave because of their manager.

A good manager is like a good coach. Someone who is honest, supportive, empathetic and that see the best in people.

These are characteristics I could describe of Daniel.

After my meeting I ran into a recruiter in the web development space. She tells me that she doesn’t even try to recruit from Shopify. She says they have it too good and they don’t leave.

So if you want to keep employees, it starts with you and the type of managers you choose to hire.

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