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Why It’s Important to NOT Avoid Cholesterol

We’ve been told to avoid cholesterol but this is dangerous advice.

These days I mostly work with a handful of wealthy business people that have major weight on their shoulders and are under a lot of stress. Like the rest of the world, they’ve been told that they need to lower their cholesterol and exercise.

Alice and Fred Ottoboni, researchers with PhD’s in comparative biochemistry put it this way: “the national food guide has radically changed the food habits of tens of millions of people in a massive human experiment that has gone awry.”

Cholesterol is the mother of all hormones. All the sex hormones—testosterone, estrogen and progesterone—are made out of cholesterol. You need it to build muscle and your mental wellbeing depends on it (25% of cholesterol is in our brain).

Cholesterol is also needed to deal with stress. It regulates stress, healing, blood pressure, mineral metabolism and even glucose levels.

It’s also important to note that vitamin A (found in butter, liver and eggs) is needed for each conversion of hormone. And trans fats found in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils like margarines and most processed foods inhibit the enzymes needed to make this conversion.

When you are told to reduce fat, you increase something. Grain consumption increased 60 pounds per capita since 1980; high fructose corn syrup 30 pounds. Don’t lower your fat.

Eat as much as you want of any quality meat, fish, poultry, raw cheese, cream, butter and eggs. Emphasize naturally raised animal protein. Eat avocados, berries, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, green leafy vegetables, kale, mushrooms, nuts, onions, spinach, tomatoes, etc.

Not convinced? Read:

  • The Great Cholesterol Con by Malcolm Kendrick, MD
  • The Cholesterol Controversy by Edward R. Pinckney, MD and Cathy Pinckney.
  • The Cholesterol Conspiracy by Russell L. Smith, PhD,
  • The Cholesterol Myth by UffeRavnskov, MD, PhD

Common sense will kick in after that.

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