Why You Need Stories In Your Business


The cup with the green mermaid is more valuable than the one without it.
The laptop with the apple on it is more valuable than the one without it.

Logos are symbols that give us a feeling about a brand. The feelings can
comes from the design of the logo itself. But it usually comes from what a friend
said about the brand or an article you read online.

Regardless of where you were exposed to the brands stories.
It’s the combination of it all that make up the brand feeling.

And the brand feeling is what increases the value.

If you want to create value for your company you need to use stories. In fact,
marketing is storytelling.
Not stories about how great you are but stories about the change you want to make in the world.

Apple’s 1984 commercial that launched the Mac focused specifically on the change they wanted to make.

Elon musk has a wonderful brand. He’s on a mission to save the planet and I even read my daughter a children’s book about it. It’s an exciting and heroic story. And his brand and businesses are built around it.

What do you do for a living? Is a question we often get asked and the answer is
usually pretty casual. I’m a marketer, a designer, an entrepreneur.

As Simon Sinek wrote about in his book Start With Why, what rallies people isn’t what we do but why we do it.
The reason you get up in the morning.

I’ve written about different ways of narrowing down your purpose here.
Now here are 10 questions to craft any story:

1. Who’s story is it?
2. What’s their flaw?
3. What is the inciting incident?
4. What do they want?
5. What obstacles are in their way?
6. What’s at stake?
7. Why should we care?
8. What do they learn?
9. How and why?
10. How does it end?

When your business uses stories to communicate its purpose, vision and values. You capture hearts. You build up the brand so that the next time someone comes in contact with it, they can tell their friends why you matter.

What’s your story?

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