Why You Should Choose Experiences Over Stuff

I just came back from Texas with my wife. We went to visit friends we met on our previous trip.
While there we visited restaurants, parks, clubs, a shooting and driving range and more.

Now more than ever we are enjoying experiences over stuff. But turns out, we’re not alone.

There’s a shift going on. 72 percent of millennials prefer to spend money on experiences rather than on material things.

Though stuff last longer than experiences the value you get from buying stuff is short lived. Stuff often adds clutter and stress to an already stressful life. Making what you own, often owning you.

On the other hand experiences provide memories that last a lifetime and often help to reinforce the relationships in your life.
Ask anyone who travels a lot and they will tell you that experiences not only bring you happiness but can also give you a new perspective on
life – contributing to your personal growth.

So if your aim is to be happy – collect memories not stuff.

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