Why Your Brand Needs Story


The elephant caves are a dark and scary place that was used as a way to transform. A boy would have to enter the dark cave with a shaman and a candle where he saw animal drawings and sculptures on the cave walls. It was used to fight the fear of the unknown and to turn the boy into a man. Similar to the mask of fear story I told here.

Stories transform us, they help us cope, they inspire, they help us connect.

The narrative of a story whether it be an ad or a movie has magical powers to move people.

Socrates when writing about persuasion called it Pathos, to appeal to emotion. And science now backs this up. Story is one of the main ways of convincing an audience of an argument. Making hollywood productions one of the most powerful mediums in the world.

Great brands know the power of story but they seem to be more concerned with the technical aspects of a graphic rather than understanding of what story needs to be told.

Storytelling builds trust and if you’ve read or listened to my book, you will know that trust is the most important component to building a following of true fans. Making storytelling a priority.

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