Why You’re Never Happy


Being unhappy usually comes from the false beliefs that we have in our heads.
Beliefs are so common place and so part of who we are that we never think to question them.

What causes pain is often the false image of how we think things are suppose to be. We have unrealistic expectations brought on by things like fairy tales.

And it’s almost never the people or the circumstances that are in the way of your happiness but rather what’s going on in your head that’s the problem.

It takes self awareness to be able to see it. That’s why I like meditation so much.
If you start to understand where these feelings come from – they start to disappear.

The problem is that we cling to those images and let them control our lives.

Next time you feel anxiety, insecurity or fear, question where this comes from.
You’ll start to notice that almost every negative emotion comes from what you cling to.

Happiness isn’t something you gain but rather something you unravel by removing our grip on what we cling to.

Also published on Medium.

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