Wise Old Man


I was talking to an old man and he was telling me that a lot of his friends retired but because they’re older and not in shape like they used to be. Many are not wanting to travel anymore because it’s become a chore or they physically can’t do it. His advice to me was “do it while you’re still young.”

First off, I think we need to listen to seniors. I really try to listen to people who are much older than me. Like all ages, some are still sleepwalking filled with prejudices but others can see where you’re at because they’ve been there and walked that path. They can give you really wise advice. They tell me that it’s a weird feeling being old because your body ages but your mind feels the same age inside. Would be nice if our culture valued their wisdom more.

Second, he’s right. We’ve been conditioned to delay “pleasure years” to the future instead of making it part of our daily attitude towards living. We chase instead of celebrating. But we made up this concept of time. Just go to Italy where they see time in blocks, things move slower there then go next door to Switzerland (known for precision watches) and things are fast pace again. Different cultures see time in different ways. But if you’re aware of this, you get to choose.

Don’t wait for an uncertain future to enjoy life. Create a life that allows you to enjoy life everyday.

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