Women Just Need Encouragement


They don’t need answers. When I sold my company all my managers were women. They were all intelligent, hard working and much more organized than I am. When we got together for meetings I would ask them what they think the solutions is and then say “try it” because I knew they had thought about it. They just needed a high-five and as the years went on I started to realize this more and more.

Women are generally better multi-taskers than men because they’ve evolved taking care of children. Women are naturally more connected with other women. I mean I can’t remember the last time I went shopping with my guy friends.

Just look at who is engaging on social media. The women groups, the mom groups, the women’s business groups. These groups are engaged. When I looked for statistics on this it turns out that women are 30% more engaged than men on social media.

I think that as children, little girls are often guided to be “lady” like. Where boys are encouraged to be brave and to take a chance. Women are encouraged to sit quietly and be perfect little angels. But perfection paralyzes your actions. We all know someone wishing to get out of a bad job or bad relationship yet are still waiting for that perfect moment. Perfection restrains courage.

But by far the biggest influence has been movies and toys. While little boys grow up with an endless list of courageous superheroes to choose from, women watch princesses waiting for the prince to save them. Like they need a prince to prove their self-worth. Toy companies even refuse to promote female superhero action figures in fear of diluting the image of the princess.

What does this lack of encouragement create?

This article in the Harvard Business Review showed that men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications – taking a risk. While women only apply for a job if they meet 100% of the qualifications – missing out on opportunities to sell themselves.

Only 33% of entrepreneurs are women and we need to change that.

We need to teach our daughters courage not perfection. To take a chance, fall and get back up, to speak up and to not worry what others think. And mostly we need to take that advice ourselves and start today.

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