Word of Mouth

Please Don’t Tell is a cocktail bar in NYC that was recommended to me by 3 different people. If it wasn’t for the recommendations and the directions there’s no way I would have found it.

The bar doesn’t have a sign or even a storefront. You first have to locate a small hotdog shop called Crif Dogs. Once inside you find an old telephone booth where you dial 1 to speak to someone. If you’ve made reservations, the wall of the phone booth opens up to reveal a bar filled with people.

What makes this place busy is the story. In the time of the prohibition these type of secret bars were everywhere in NYC to hide from the police. And now you can get a taste of that experience.

Word of mouth marketing doesn’t cost anything and is much more powerful than any ad.

To spark word of mouth marketing your product or service needs to have a story worth sharing. The more interesting and authentic the story the more chance it has of spreading.

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