Workers Should Have Ownership


When Howard Shultz was growing Starbucks he came to the realization that in order to grow his company into the giant it is today, he had to get everyone in the company in alignment. He needed every barista serving customers to care as much as him about Starbucks bottom line.

It’s hard to motivate someone to be exceptional when they’re not personally benefitting from it.

When you give everyone ownership you create alignment between the leader and the team. Everyone’s contributions counts.
Your teams posture changes. They become proud of their brand. They start selling the brand outside of work. They pour their heart into it without you having to give them a pep talk.

The hard part about giving your team ownership is to figuring out the logistics – how it will financially work for your company.

In my experience lawyers will tell you it’s not worth it.
That it will only cause problems.
That you will simply be giving away free money.

But that hasn’t been my experience and certainly not Howard Shultz’s. Having worked with hundreds of successful business people I can tell you that successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?”

With everyone on your team having ownership, not only will you get better results – you will also sleep better at night.

Because it just feels morally right.

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