The worse job in the world


This man’s job is to dive into a hole of sludge and claw out blockages of liquid filth with his bare hands in the sewers of Bangladesh.

I’ve written a lot about automation but looking at the comments on social media I want to clear things up.

Automation is a great thing.

We don’t need another fast food worker, cashier or assembly line worker doing a mind-numbing job.

What we need is to restructure society based on what we contribute as human beings. We need everyone expressing themselves in unique ways. I give you my art and you give me yours. That’s how it should work.

Instead people are stuck in shit jobs that don’t fulfill them.

Somewhere along the way we got stuck focussing on the machine, the mechanics of the corporation instead of the individual.

Instead of creating art and connection we became slaves. Instead of creating pottery or fixing cars or doing anything we’re passionate about we became a cog in a wheel – everyone doing stuff they hate but feel they have to do.

The reward for this is consumerism. The big tv, the new shoes, the dream car. Eight hours a day chasing and chasing and chasing. Thinking that if only we push harder or work longer hours we’ll get that carrot on the treadmill we call life. We commute long hours for jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.

We’re exhausted and numb and we try to fill this sad hole in our souls by escaping to social media, sports, gambling or getting drunk to get some kind of relief from the hole we can’t seem to fill.

It’s a trap and you know it.

But most don’t even realize that it’s a trap. They think they have a good job, that they have benefits, maybe a corner office or their own parking spot.
But they’re just part of a shitty machine that makes money.

There’s more to life. Follow your heart.

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