You Need Space to Think


A friend of mine just had vertigo and had to take a week off work. Lying in bed she reflected on what she really wanted out of life. After a few days of nothing to do but think – she figured it out.

Instead of just living life by default she’s decided to take life into her own hands.

It’s easy to live your days reactively distracted by every e-mail, text, tweet or message that comes in. It’s easy to say yes to every meeting or jump to the demands of someone else. But it’s hard to say no, and it’s hard to carve out a time for yourself where you can think about what the next best move is.

Instead of wandering around making minor progress in different directions, a little time to think will help you focus your attention towards accomplishing something that actually matters.

We all have 24 hours in a day but it’s it’s what we do with those hours that matter.

To figure out what truly matters, you need to have space to think and the discipline to be selective in the choices you make.

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