Persuasion – You VS Them


I’m sitting at a cafe writing my post when at the table next to me I witness two different people interviewed for a job.

The first woman talked for the whole 30 minutes. She talked about how she was a perfect fit for the job. She said she was hard working. Trustworthy. Responsible. She talked about her awards. Her experience. They discussed the job and she left.

Five minutes later another women came in.

The second women didn’t talk much. She asked questions. She asked about the goals of the interviewee. The direction of the company. What she is looking for. What she is expecting from her. She asked what the interviewee liked about her resume (a little pre-suasion). Then she spent about 5 minutes explaining why she thinks she would be a perfect fit. Which happened to fall in-line with what she just heard. At the end she gave the interviewee three reference letters. She told her that they are expecting her call. She left.

I couldn’t help but ask the interviewee who she was going to hire. She said the second women was a clear winner.

Don’t forget who your audience is.

It’s not about you. It’s about them.

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