You’re Wasting the Chance of a Lifetime


I have a friend that told me that he wanted to start a business.

…that was 15 years ago.

We live in a time where anyone with $100 can connect to millions of people.
We have more leverage than any human has ever had in history.

But most people sit there watching Netflix and waiting for the perfect scenario to appear. Or waiting for someone to be pick them as if they were still in school.

How do you know what you are suppose to be doing?
You don’t. No one does.

This is a stall.

No one is born to do anything specific.

Steve Jobs wasn’t born to be a technology entrepreneur.

If Steve Jobs was born before computers, he couldn’t have built Apple – but I’m sure he would have done something else.
If Picasso was born before paint and paint brushes, he couldn’t have been a painter – but he would have done something else.

It’s not the tools or the categories they fit in that made them who they are.

It’s the fact that they decided to take on a challenge.

So when are you going to start?

Right now?

Pick a challenge you would be proud of accomplishing and take the first step.

It’s about about doing something you can be proud of and doing it again and again.

Perfectionism is a trap, trying to be unique is a trap, waiting for the right moment is a trap.

Don’t freeze, just act.

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