He sold me on it

There’s a sign nailed to a post by my house that reads “tree cutting service”. Needing a few dead trees cut I had starred at that sign many times on my way home but never took action. One day a guy knocked on my door and asked if I needed help to cut down a few dead trees around my property. He made it really easy for me so I took him up on the offer.

It’s easy to create a sign but it’s hard to knock on doors.
It’s easy to hide behind your computer instead of going out to meet people.
It’s easy to sit in your office and tinker with your product or service instead of making phone calls.

We often get caught up doing the things we are comfortable with at the expense of what needs to be done.
Up to a million dollars in revenue business is about sales. From 1-5 million it’s about operations.

If you’re looking to start a business get ready to sell.


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